Stephanie Jones

Hair Stylist

As an independent Hair Stylist, and Digital Marketing Coach, I truly understand the importance of service. I love contributing to the beauty industry by styling clients to look their best as well as helping my peers by providing affordable digital marketing services to up and coming new hair stylists. I also show beauty professionals and entrepreneurs how to successfully set up and sell from their e-commerce websites.

There is an abundance of opportunities, resources, and success for everyone! I believe in using our talents to help people look, feel, and be their best self.



This website was created for the purpose of staying connected with my current clients and introducing myself to new clients. I am an independent licensed Cosmetologist on the East Coast and the West Coast.

I specialize in haircuts and hair color. As a Hair Stylist, I am focused on helping you to look your very best!



As a Hair Stylist, my mission is to style clients in current looks from the beauty industry and the fashion industry.



​I will teach you how to take care of your hair and keep you informed on all the current trends in the beauty industry. ​​I am also going to share with you pictures of my work and the products used to achieve the finished look. I educate the importance of buying professional hair care products that work best on your hair so that you can maintain healthy hair between salon visits.


Look Your Best In 2022

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day-to-day work

There is a lot of work involved in the life of a hair stylist. Whether I'm working in the salon, attending trade shows, buying products, taking classes or finding opportunities that challenge me to grow; it's all for the purpose of staying current and providing great service to my clients.



Joaquin Regalado is a Master Educator, Founder/Co-owner of The Comb Institute in Santa Ana, California.
This is a really great environment to learn and grow as a professional Hair Stylist.
If you are looking for a way to evolve in your technical skills and have more confidence in providing different types of services on your clients; then The Comb Institute is the best place to come to! I am taking full advantage of this opportunity by completing this training program.



Teamed up with Tia Jones, my business partner and Founder of Mastering P.o.P (Profitability over Popularity) which is a SEO & Digital Marketing Coaching Program. Tia contributes to the Beauty Industry as well as many industries by coaching business owners, and digital entrepreneurs to generate more revenue in their businesses. She does that daily with our affordable digital marketing workflows and membership program!

She helps Fortune 500 companies and their digital teams to promote their brands and improve their online presence.

Tia has been successfully securing the first page of Google by setting up, optimizing, and driving traffic to business websites since 2006. 

You can follow her on Clubhouse @TiaNJones.

Brand Vision

The vision is to help beauty industry professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to set up successful e-commerce businesses that will generate online traffic, customer conversions, sales, revenue, and profits.

Changing Trends

Beauty Industry

We live in a world that is constantly evolving. Current changes in the beauty and fashion industries determine new looks for the upcoming season.

These changes can often affect the way we dress, how we style our hair, how we perceive ourselves and how we live our lives. If we are not aware of our personal significance; we end up conforming to standards that attempts to define us. I can help you to  develop a style that is unique and works best for you all year round no matter the seasons or trends.

Reds. blondes. brunettes

My Quick Looks

Your personal and professional image is an important aspect of how you feel about yourself and how others view you. Get a new haircut, hair color or style. Make the effort every day to look and feel your best! 



A very special thank you to Keratin Complex for featuring my work on their Instagram account @keratincomplex! I love their smoothing treatment! It is a very popular and frequently requested salon service.



This is my beautiful client Kim!
She came in to get a haircut, hair color, and style service. We did all of the above. We colored her natural hair to blend with her brand new long wig. I cut and styled her wig for her dinner party that she was attending later that evening.
Tip: Whether you happen to select full wigs, toppers (partial wigs) or hair extensions; make sure that you are always maintaining the health of your natural hair.

Tip: To achieve a more natural look I recommend purchasing a quality well-made customized hair piece.

Tip: The best resource that I can recommend to you today is Chris Jacobs The Comb Salon which is in Tustin California. They are an excellent company that has their own manufacturing company that specializes in custom hair pieces.

They also have trained hair stylists that can have the consultation with you, customize the hair piece, order it and maintain each piece for you.



When selecting a hair style, accessories, and clothes to complete a look; simplicity is often times the better choice. A great haircut, fragrance and an air of confidence are the additional details that makes it all look effortless! #FeelGoodAboutYourself

Income Beyond The Salon & Barbershop

Going E-commerce

Many people were laid off from their employer or forced to temporarily close their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some employers required that their employees be vaccinated. It left millions of people all around the world out of work thinking what will they do to provide for their families. There are a lot of options out there. Which one will you choose?

I can help guide you on how to begin the process of generating revenue beyond the chair with your own e-commerce business. I encourage cosmetology students, beauty professionals, and entrepreneurs who are willing to make a small investment in themselves to create multiple streams of income today!



Currently looking for hair models with great hair of all textures and conditions for creating videos of the latest hair trends in the industry. If interested please click the link above to read the details and leave your contact information and pictures from all 3 angles of your hair. Email pictures to



Color Extend Magnetics is a great color care collection! These products are tailored to protect and maintain your hair color weeks after you've gotten your hair done. I use this on myself and I love the smell and how soft it makes my hair feel! The shampoo is sulfate-free and it's good for all hair types.



No matter how long you have been in a particular field of choice; you can never be complacent. Continue to read, study, practice whatever that might be in your industry. Always explore new paths to evolve in your career so that you are enlightened, prepared and ready to win!

The Benefits of A

Glueless Full Lace Wig

In today's society full lace wigs are worn by men and women of all ages who are looking for a little versatility. A Glueless Full Lace Wig is really a great option for others that may have lifestyle changes or medical conditions that may have caused hair loss.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose A Glueless Full Lace Wig as a wig option:

1.) A new change in hairstyle

2.) Damaged hair due to chemical treatments or over processing

3.) Exhausted of sew-ins, tape application, messy glue

4.) Give your natural hair a break

5.) If you had an allergic reaction to tapes or glues

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Making a client smile is a great feeling! Mei came in with a wig in which she requested a very simple look so that she could wear it for her upcoming audition in Los Angeles. She then left me a really cool review on Yelp. Thanks Mei😊 #salonservices #wig #haircut #review #yelp #hairdresser #hairstylist

Stephanie cut and styled my first human hair wig for me. She was extremely meticulous and detail oriented. I knew I was in good hands and Kendall the owner is so hardworking and kind. There were a couple scheduling mishaps but ultimately these are good people with prices you can't beat and great service. I'll go back again for all my hair needs!