It's important to set your business up for success on your own online platform that you are fully in control of.

Social media platforms should not be your only source of building online presence through followers. It's simply not a reliable marketing strategy considering you don't own the platform. At any time, your account can be hacked, they can change their guidelines, not allow you access to your own profile by suspending your account, or they can go out of business.

A well optimized website is the best way for all current and potential new clients can have access to your services or products 24 hours a day. Your website should provide valuable content that will benefit your online visitors.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist on the East Coast and the West Coast. Like you I understand the importance of building and retaining good clientele for long-term purposes.

That's why I emphasize the importance of having your own online platform such as a website as a way to capture your client's data like their email, first name, last name, and all other information that they choose to provide. This is a great way to stay engaged with your online visitors, clients, subscribers throughout the year for marketing purposes.

Your new online store does not have to be in the beauty industry. It can be a website that offers products or services that you're really interested in.

As a Hair Stylist, Digital Marketing Coach, and Co-founder of my own SEO & Digital Marketing Coaching Program Mastering P.o.P (Profitability over Popularity); I can successfully guide you to position yourself to generate income from multiple sources doing the following:

  • Website Makeover - Online Presence, stay ahead of your competitors, and convert your online visitors to scheduled new clients
  • Email Workflow - Scale your clients/customers through Email Automation
  • SEO Workflow - Learning how to research and apply the keywords to your website pages to generate the right traffic to your e-commerce store
  • Partnerships Workflows - Templates that we used to secure partnerships

Mastering P.o.P

Here is Stephanie sharing a little about Mastering P.o.P's membership that will help you today. Click on the image above.

    It's about building your personal and business brand for marketing purposes.

    Here are examples of the websites that Tia Jones Founder of Mastering P.o.P and I created that are of different industries that allows us and our clients to have multiple streams of income. You can have this too. Make money online while you work on your clients in the salon.