stephanie I Jones

3 Hour Zoom Class: Build An E-commerce Store & Sell Online


Stephanie is a Hair Stylist, Digital Marketing Coach, and co-founder of Mastering P.o.P (Mastering Profitability over Popularity). 

Mastering P.o.P is an E-commerce, Digital Marketing and SEO Coaching company located in Southern California. Stephanie has a lot of technical experience in e-commerce as a Shopify Merchant, Shopify Partner, and Shopify Affiliate.

Stephanie and Tia (Founder of Mastering P.o.P) have experience in the tech industry helping entrepreneurs, and business owners who have small to Fortune 500 companies with many aspects of their websites. 

My business partner Tia has an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise in Search Engine Optimization. Tia has successfully increased the online visibility, sales, and revenue of clients in many industries. Such as Tourism, Insurance, Automotive, Fashion, Health, Beauty, Music, Pet, Cannabis, CBD, Technology, and much more.

As you know, top brand retail chains have announced closures in 2019 due to poor sales and are going online to reach their customers. This is the best time to become part of this growing business product and service industry.
Another important aspect of creating an online business is that we are currently in a mobile era; therefore; your website must be optimized for mobile devices. People shop, book appointments, do their online banking, arrange travel plans all from their mobile devices.

Take advantage of this opportunity today! This is the best time to create a new online venture that will change and improve your whole lifestyle.

We know that many of you are looking for a way out from going to a job where you are not earning enough money to save or cover your monthly expenses. We also know that some of you are looking for a solution to finding another opportunity to generate income doing something you enjoy that is independent of an employer.

Mastering P.o.P created Build An E-commerce Store & Sell Online class to help guide you to start your own online business today.

Topics covered in this class include:

- Learn how to set-up the foundation of your store
- Learn how to find US vendors for any industry
- Learn how to find products to sell online
- Learn how to price your products and create discounts
- Learn how to market to your customers
- Learn the strategies every online seller must know from Mastering P.o.P 

  • Learn how to garner traffic and build external links that point to your store
  • Run your business from anywhere in the world

All who attend this class will benefit from having:
- Basic website plan of action that you can follow                                                          - 
- How to track your efforts with the tools available to you online
- Access to Stephanie Digital Marketing coach's list of highest marketing priorities

This is an easy, effective and to the point teaching of how to set up a successful business online store.

Get your seat today!

Let this be the first step towards becoming a profitable entrepreneur on and off the salon floor while being in complete control of your e-commerce website.

Share what you learned from the class with other Hair Stylists, Barbers, friends, co-workers, business owners, entrepreneurs, e-commerce merchants, and family members who may also be looking for an opportunity to sell products online from a Shopify store.

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