Create Business Newsletters with the Best Email App

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Tip for Beauty Pro's

Klaviyo Recommended App: Newsletters are an extremely effective marketing tool!

Klaviyo is an e-commerce platform that is excellent at accelerating your sales by simply installing it to your store. I personally use their app and have recommended it to many of our clients. Newsletters provide value to your customer when you offer great content by sharing new products, services, and promotional offers.

It also keeps you connected with your new clients and your current clients. It's really important to start with an email marketing plan for your business that can be used as a sales channel to generate revenue

Here are some of the great benefits of using their app:

1. Site Tracking
2. Efficient and effective segmentation
3. Autoresponders
4. Triggered emails
5. Dynamic Data Blocks
6. AB Testing
7. Drag and drop email designs
8. 360-degree customer profiles
9. Reporting based on ROI
10. Single Click Integrations