Generating Revenue Beyond The Chair

Passing out your card or flyer is a thing of the past. Can you build a successful brand without a website? Yes, it's possible. Yet, the full potential of your marketing reach will never be met without a website. Therefore, regardless of your current success, failing to have a website is a low-ball effect on your bottom line. Thirty percent of consumers won't consider a hairstylist without a website and will consider a hairstylist that DOESN’T has one as less professional.

We currently assist dozens of hairstylists like celebrity hair stylist Greg Gilmore. When Red Carpet Shears first started working with Greg, he had a site that wasn't working for him. The website was barely getting 5 visits per day, it wasn't ranking for any keywords and it did not have e-commerce capabilities. Greg wanted the option to sell products, services, educate clients, and potential new clients with informative blogs and newsletters. In May of 2018, Greg was ready to convert his fans into subscribers and customers. Greg was ready to invest in a Starter Website!

Currently, Greg uses his Starter website to promote classes, workshops, services, events, and more! Not only is Greg building an email subscriber list, but he's also selling Print on Demand products and Virtual Consultations to followers all over the world.

In addition, Greg ranks on the 1st page of Google for his brand Greg Gilmore Hair, and hundreds of other keywords currently driving traffic to his website. Greg is now booked solid and was no longer able to accept Virtual Consultations because of the demand. Initially, Greg didn't believe he could "sell" consultations, but we proved him wrong within the first few weeks of his store going live.

Greg has now launched all of the following successfully with his Basic Starter Website.

Virtual Consultations
POD products (e.g. apparel & accessories)
Services (One-on-One Consultations, Speaking Engagements, etc)
Newsletters published weekly
and more

Listed below are 10 ways you can make money Beyond the Chair with your Starter Website!

1. Starter Website

A Starter Website is a search engine optimized website that will improve or start your online presence to help you succeed. A Starter Website is only for those that want to have an online business platform and presence. A Starter Website allows you to share information or insights on their industry in the shape of a blog or newsletter. A Starter Website is only for those that want an online store where they can sell their products directly to consumers.

2. Email Marketing

Speak and sell directly to people who want to form relationships with you that go beyond the chair. Newsletters can help you to establish credibility with your clients and new online subscribers. It's one of the best ways to have open and ongoing communication with your clients between salon visits. Use your Starter Website to share your expertise, insights, and keep clients up to date with new developments happening in your business.

3. Blog

Start posting product reviews on your Starter Website and share snippets on Social Media. Point your followers back to your Starter Website to read the entire review. In your post, you can talk about different hairstyles, or even discuss celebrity hair to generate traffic back to your website. Share your love for a product and start getting attention from the people that matter. Ask your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and blog. The cool thing about blogging is that a simple 300-word article is enough to make for a good post and you’ll get syndication. Maybe even go viral when you distribute your blog through social media.

4. Virtual Consultations

Now, utilizing state-of-the-art video calls, you can give your professional opinion about hairstyles and hair color in the comfort of your home! Start offering Virtual Consultations on your Starter Website and reach the followers that love your work and value your hair expertise from all over the world.

5. One-on-One (e.g. shadowing)

If you feel confident in your skills and abilities, start offering One-on-One Training sessions on your Starter Website! There are thousands of students out there who are looking to be mentored and will find the money to shadow someone that they admire.

6. Speaking Engagements
Go outside of the salon to host a promotion or two. You’ll get a chance to show off your expertise where people might normally be able to see your talents. You only get 1 minute to showcase what you can do on Instagram, but you're not limited to your Starter Website. Upload and show demonstrations to people on how to style their hair. Easily promote your event and sell tickets using your Starter Website.

7. Products

Thinking about launching your hair brand (e.g. hair extensions, wigs, etc.)? You can start selling your products in less 72 hours with your Starter Website. Remember, having a website allows you to offer your services and sell your products while you're on the go 24/7. You position yourself to earn money while you work, travel, or sleep.

8. POD Print on Demand

POD is an online business model where you outsource your production and shipping process to a manufacturer of e-commerce goods. If you have a Starter Website, you can easily sell products that are printed on blank t-shirts, mugs, bags, and other merchandise. Easily design and sell your go-to phrase or brand logo on products via your Starter Website.

9. Online Courses/Subscriptions (e.g. recurring membership)

Yes, you can do it. Start selling online courses via your Starter Website. This is a great way to build a residual income if set-up properly. Easily start selling courses showcasing your niche and what you're technically strong at. If you're good at what you do, share it globally and stop limiting yourself using only Social Media!

10. Social Media

Start converting your followers into paying customers. Showcase and sell your products with a simple TAG in your Instagram posts and stories. Instagram users can view your product details and tap a Shop Now button to buy the product on your Starter Website without leaving the app.

Now, are you ready to kick-start this new year with a bang? Get your Starter Website for only $899.