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Website Design Service


Are you ready to invest in yourself with a new Shopify e-commerce website that will produce sales, revenue, and profits?

Then your first step is to get this Website Design Service today.

If you are an employee, business owner, entrepreneur, or are simply looking to offer products, services or both to the public but, have little to no knowledge about e-commerce stores; then don't worry.

After you have made your purchase of the Website Design Service you will get the guidance of Digital Marketing Coach Stephanie in your initial scheduled call to go over your needs for your new website 

A Calendly link will be emailed to you to schedule a day and time to discuss the details of what you are looking to accomplish on your website.

Simply select a Shopify theme of your choice from their options before your scheduled call with Stephanie.

 What you'll get:

What you will provide:

  • Content for product pages
  • Content for Homepage & Internal pages (about your business)
  • Titles for Header Navigation & Dropdown Menu
  • Images for Products or Services

I encourage all new e-commerce owners to join my Mastering P.o.P membership to get guidance of how to scale your online store once you go live.


Shopify offers free themes and premium themes. If you select a premium theme, then you have to pay Shopify the cost of that website theme and pay the plan before your website can be published for the public to shop.

A Starter Website is $699.99 and up for additional pages, products, collections, apps, and complexity of a website. Stephanie does not offer refunds for any services, classes, consultations, or digital products. 

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